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Backyard Wedding

21st Jul 2013


        My Dad in Paris ~ 1953   It makes me smile thinking about my Dad’s saying when he is toasting a drink! “Happy, happy”, it just...

09th Jul 2013

I see God here, everywhere, and I have for sure grown faithfully.

“I see God here, everywhere and I have for sure grown faithfully,”  by Gwyneth. What a great statement of faith from a young woman who has just completed a build...

08th Jul 2013

I want to go to Copenhagen!

 Copenhagen It all started this way back in January 2013. With the celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary coming up in June we wanted to plan something special, a special...

29th Jun 2013

Add a little Sunshine ~~~~ “Sunshine Cake” with Hershey Frosting

Our Traditional Family Birthday Cake! With Grandma Behling’s & Aunt Mary’s recipe combined I’ve managed to master the family tradition. It’s so good!! The Hershey Frosting is really a Chocolate...

28th Jun 2013

Ready, set go………..How to shop at Last Chance!

How to shop at Last Chance, Nordstrom’s clearance store. Joe’s Jeans $29.97  Tory Burch $39.99   Paige Jean Shorts $19.97                    ...

25th Jun 2013

Fear knocked at the door……….

The fear of a move, the fear of an illness, the fear of a job change, the fear of losing someone you love, the fear of the future, the fear...

24th Jun 2013

Sand Dollar Sunday

A reminder of God’s love. The Legend of the Sand Dollar   There’s a lovely little legend that I would like to tell, of the birth and death of Jesus,...

23rd Jun 2013

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

Change is a part of our life. Marriage, new baby, health, death, job change or loss, what ever it may be we must grow and learn from it. What we...