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Backyard Wedding

10th Jan 2014
How to sell on PoshMark

How to sell on PoshMark

WHAT IS POSHMARK? Poshmark is a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion. Shop the closets of women across America – and sell yours too! I have been...

07th Jan 2014

Consider this Pure Joy…….

This is a picture of our old van, and these are pictures of it in our driveway after being towed there,   and this is a picture of my son...

02nd Jan 2014

It’s something about this book…

I have been reading this devotion book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young,  for the last few months. It’s inspiring and makes me feel at peace. This is the first time...

31st Oct 2013

Cookies…….because they are good!

And because I felt like it (baking) Witches’ Fingers( look more like Monster Fingers) Chocolate Dipped Creams (the family favorite) Molasses (just Screams Fall!!) Witches’ Fingers 1 cup butter, softened...

29th Oct 2013

Madame Blueberry & the Stuff Mart

  Well it’s Miss Alma and the stuff mart. I have stuff, and more stuff and then I buy more stuff. Granted, I shop sales or garage sales so my...

17th Oct 2013

Blue Bayou

 Vintage Blue Pitcher Blue Mexican Pottery Dish Vintage Blue Vase Blue Cornflower Bowl Blue Mexican Pottery Bowl    

10th Oct 2013

The Season of Fall

I am in the Fall of life. This should be my favorite part of life because I have always loved Fall. The leaves changing (even though in Arizona I don’t...

23rd Sep 2013

It’s beginning to look a lot like…………

 Homemade Christmas Cookies $18 per pound Crate & Barrel Red & Green Striped Spreaders Set of Two  Seven Piece Mexican Pottery in Warm Red & Green Mexican Nativity Set (Orange)...

23rd Sep 2013

“Let’s go Fishing” ~ Kid Stuff

Erin Ty Bear  Erin Ty Bear (Mini) Precious Moment’s Bunny & Girl Precious Moments Clown Ornament Beauty Collector’s Doll Mini African Puzzle  

23rd Sep 2013

“Paris is always a good idea”

   Fleur de Les Framed Picture Eiffel Tower Decorative Plate Moulin Rouge Plaque Vintage Leather Top Eiffel Tower Table Vintage French Picture Note Cards