Fear ‘Knot’

It’s been a couple of years that I made “Fear Knot” bracelets. I was reminded today on what a difference they can make.

A good friend gave some of these bracelets to co-workers and friends and I just want to share with you their stories.

“One co-worker, Lorraine, lost her son and mother within a week during the end of October. Her son was 42 and died of a heart attack during his sleep. His wife, a nurse, was unable to revive him before the ambulance arrived. Her mother had a trying year, battling pneumonia earlier in the year. However, I personally think losing her grandson broke her heart and she died within a week. I left the bracelet and an inspiration Christmas card for the New Year on her desk before our holiday break. She was so thankful for the Bible verse and the bracelet. She stated that she would put on her Christmas Tree this year and every year forward as a reminder to Fear ‘K’not!

My other co-worker, Terrain, is a dear friend. Her husband is a Baptist preacher and is genuinely a pure and kind person. She battled and beat breast cancer about 3.5 years ago. I gave her a pink Fear Knot bracelet since she is a breast cancer survivor. I left the bracelet and card on her desk. She came to me this afternoon with tears in her eyes. She said that bracelet was truly an act of God since that verse was delivered to her at the time. Her teenage daughter did something horrific that morning, (I’m not sure what, I didn’t want to pry). Terrain mentioned that she was so confused and upset with her daughter that she was losing hope. She opened the card with the Fear Knot bracelet and started crying because it was the Bible verse that she needed to hear. When she was battling cancer, that was the verse she turned to for strength and courage. She was so moved by the bracelet.”

I’ll be honest, sometimes, I felt that these were too cheap for anyone to really want to wear. I forgot the very meaning of which I made them. I have had the same one on for the past 6 months +, ( I change when they wear out). But now, because of a great friend, sharing her stories, I will share and wear proudly!

P.S.  To keep from losing (I lost one) my Fitbit, I intertwine my Fear Knot Bracelet with it!

Please contact me if you would like a “Fear Knot Bracelet” and I will mail to you.

Happy Blessings!!




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