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Backyard Wedding

15th Jun 2017

What’s Stealing Your Joy?

Mom & Dad:) 12 Things You Should Stop Doing That Are Stealing Your Joy Its time to grab it back and enjoy!!!! Sometimes we’re unhappy, but we don’t know exactly...

02nd Jun 2017

Bologna Parmesan Prosciutto Balsamic Food Tour

  Italian Days Food Experince was an adventure! “True travellers, all their lives, are constantly spurred on by the desire to discover new places and every time take home a variety of...

01st Jun 2017

I passed Italian Cooking Class……..again!

Cooking Class & Lunch at a beautiful Tuscan Farmhouse. This was my third time, (my husband’s second) of doing this tour/cooking class. We introduced our friends to this fun food filled...

31st May 2017

Most likely to Succeed

I have had the privilege to be a part of this wonderful film in supplying the food a beverage for a group of educators. Most Likely To Succeed is a...

31st May 2017

Dinner in the Orchard

A gorgeous evening in the orchard! Hors d’ ouvres of Brie, Roquefort stuffed endive and stuffed mushrooms. Plated Dinner of Filet Mignon with Red Wine reduction and Chardonnay Roasted Salmon...

20th Jan 2017

Fear ‘Knot’

It’s been a couple of years that I made “Fear Knot” bracelets. I was reminded today on what a difference they can make. A good friend gave some of these bracelets to co-workers...

10th Jun 2016

Happy Summer!!

Garden Veggies ~ Watermelon & Feta ~Antipasto For Catering information please call Alma at 602.909.2637 Or Email @ “Keep it Fun, make it Happy!“

06th Apr 2016

Beautiful night for a dinner in the Orchard

Beautiful night for a dinner in the Orchard French Wine tasting enjoyed with great food. The perfect match! Menu Arizona stuffed Dates with bleu cheese & walnuts, wrapped in bacon...

06th Apr 2016

Life as a server has its perks

   Johnny Depp ~ “Madness and Creativity”, sounds interesting…..     After listening and reading about this talk with Dr Krauss and Johnny Depp, it was interesting!Depp said he “knew there was something...

07th Mar 2016

Garden English Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James Afternoon tea, that most quintessential of English customs is,...